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When was the last time you felt connected....?

I have written countless Thanksgiving blogs or articles over the years. I didn't want to write yet another blog filled with cliches. The "what to do and not to", to have new or old traditions or perspectives, what you "should" have this weekend, how much gratitude and reflection you could do...and so forth.

There are so my therapists, counsellors, books and podcasts on this subject. And you could research forever looking for the right information for yourself. It's exhausting.

Instead I want to invite you to think about a lost art....having a meal at the kitchen table.


BEFORE you scroll off or tick the next page, take 3 minutes to read my intention.

This is about connection, grief, laughter, stories, upset, jokes, family, friends and food.

If you take a moment to think about it, most of our connections are around preparing a meal, enjoying delicious food with others or sharing a conversation when food is involved.

This is not a post on food but more about the culture of breaking bread with others.

In your childhood there were passages of time where you brought food to a family function, sat at the kids table, helped make shift longer tables and/or made a toast at that infamous decorated dining room table.

It's the conversations that are created in these spaces. Connection between people.

The art of sitting down, savouring our meal and being totally present at the table has been lost with the hustle culture, cell phone attention span and limited censored subjects to talk about.

I reflected the other day, how much I missed connection with others around the table. It was permission to share ideas, talk about the current events and make TIME for others.

We have this idea that we should just show up, avoid the annoying aunt, dodge the grumpy grandparent and leave once the meal is over. That we did our role this Thanksgiving. However, you missed the opportunity to hear a childhood story from one of our elders, being the breath of fresh air for your sibling and embrace the belly laugh of the little ones.

How often does the happen?!

Yes, there are environments that are toxic and not good for our well being.

So choose wisely.

Know what is best for your you. Only you can make that decision.

Yet I do encourage you to step into the practice of looking for the glimmers and not what could go wrong.

Some conversations can be just what you needed with a friend, relative or stranger that could absolutely change your thoughts in your scattered brain or make you smile. Maybe the people at that meal needed your energy and presences to fill up their cup.

Life is lived in the dash. Connection is truly essential for our healing process. The benefits are countless. It's to share your wisdom and stories and to lean into the narrative of others.

So I encourage you to pause before you excuse yourself from the table this weekend. That friend/stranger that was invited this year to Thanksgiving dinner maybe so grateful to hear laughter that you put a smile on their face.

Lean into a meal around the kitchen table.

Continue to breathe


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