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Finding the Moments of Joy.

March 2020, I was in Montreal with my sister when we started to see the world shutting down. Little did we know that our lives would be forever changed and a global pandemic would consume the world for a full year.

We didn’t see it coming and nothing prepared us for what unfolded. I can write about all the things that went wrong, all the things that we lost and all the things that fell apart during the year but that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is actually about finding small moments of joy in our ordinary life every day.

Each day we can choose to get out of bed with the same dull uninspiring mindset and drag our feet or we can choose to embrace things that bring us joy.

I know you think I’m nuts and blowing bubbles in your face but I’m not.

Life isn’t about the massive AH moments, they are great don’t get me wrong however life is SO much more than that.

It’s about the sun hitting the window at the perfect place one morning that it lights up the room with sparkles.

It’s the unbelievable belly laugh of a child that makes you laugh too. It’s hitting all the green lights on the way to your appointment.

Its the smell of freshly laundered sheets.

It’s the person that held the door open when you needed it the most.

It’s dancing when no one is looking.

It’s the sound of a text message from that special person that you have been waiting for or it’s perfect glass of wine you have been wanting to try.

During his final days, one of my clients shared with me to never wait for the big moments, but to enjoy the music now, to eat the fabulously aromatic cheese and to never cheap out on good Scotch. It’s a conversation I will never forget and words I live by today.

So, I encourage to find the moments of joy in your day. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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