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Courageous Conversations

When is the last time you boldly asked a tough question to a family member or friend?

I mean the questions that are about one’s mental health, what happens if they can’t speak for yourself or when you see that friend going down the wrong path, do you ask them if they are truly okay?

These are difficult conversations to start and sometimes harder to heard the replies.

I have asked these unconventional questions with family members, I have been asked to leave the house or never to ask again as I was “tempting fate .”

To friends letting me know that they have never been asked these types of questions and feel honoured to share their thoughts.

Think about it, here are a few of those questions:

Have you filled out your organ donor card? Would you donate all organs, only a few or donate your body to science?

If you could not toilet yourself one day, who would you ask to help in the washroom to get your there and to clean you up?

When you are in deep grief, physically and emotionally suffering who could you cry with or reach out too?

If you had 3 mths to live, would you continue doing what you are doing or radically change your life?

If you were to change it, why are you not doing it now?

What is your definition of quality of life?

These are courageous conversations.

This is LIFE.

So I DARE you to start a conversation, step boldly and listen. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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