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Beautiful Moments…

Have you ever had an experience where you wanted time to stop?

Think for a moment when was the last time you wanted the world to stand still.

We all have them, these beautiful breath taking moments. You just have to pause to take them in.

Whether it was having a lovely cocktail on an outdoor terrace with that perfect person or embracing the laughter of your children to an amazing conversation with an adored relative or was it simply lying in bed next to that incredible someone thinking life couldn’t get any better?

We all have those moments that we reflect on after the fact and we forget to live in those intense gorgeous spaces. Praying that we can capture that again.

As the world is opening up we are stepping boldly into familiar spaces and unknown territory. Whether it’s reconnecting with family members and friends, venturing out to make new connections, we are inviting ourselves to be open up again. Yet many of us are living in a place of fear and watching life slip by.

If we learned anything from this pandemic, it’s to live fully, boldly, and without restriction. Whatever that is to you.

Think about how do you want to live your life going forward, who are those people you want in your life and what experiences are you going to step into.

I don’t believe anymore there is the perfect person but wrong time or place, instead I choose to see that it was exactly what I needed in that moment of time. You were absolutely where you were suppose to be In that moment.

I choose to take the lesson, the pause or the experience and know it was an absolutely beautiful addition to the pages in my book called life.

To the beautiful moments this past weekend, I am so filled with gratitude to have lived in the moment and embraced every minute. I’m a better person because of it and know that truly incredible people come into my life to remind me how sweet life can be.

I encourage all of you to live fully in the moment, otherwise you are missing the best parts of life. La vie est belle.

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