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Anxiety...we all have it.

Let’s talk anxiety.

We all have it. Yes we do.

It just may just be defined or described differently to each person.

To some anxiety is a slow increase of overwhelm. It my take days, weeks to months until you feel you can’t catch your breath. Yet for others it can be a sudden burst of emotions to the body physically shutting down.

Life is unpredictable. Our emotions can spike when we hear that a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer, or you were downsized in your job, you were bullied on social media, your children are not listening or have an argument with your best friend.

All these life situations can be navigated under normal circumstances but if it’s one more stress to an already weighted tension then we seem to have lost control.

Before COVID19, your anxiety may have been manageable with daily routines, family connections and community supports but then we were all quarantined.

Our world stop. Seriously, it just STOPPED

We could not embrace family members, our work offices turned into dining room tables and families are all together for the first time in years under one roof. No one has space to think or escape.

Anxiety came to a whole new meaning.

You are not alone, know that.

So, what can you do when your emotions, anxiety feel out of control.

Stop and slow down. Stay in the present. Ground yourself. Look around and know you are okay.

Breathe. Slow down your breath. Practice box breathing.

Remember you have already conquered your worst days. Your thoughts don’t have to carry you away. Focus on the moment.

You have coping skills. Go for a walk, listen to some music, call a friend, have some water or put on a mediation.

Your mental health is essential. Know that counsellors and mental health therapists are there to support you during those difficult times and it is not a sign of weakness but of strength to reach out to be the best version of you.

What I have learned this far, everyone has different degrees of anxiety and only you can know what you are experiencing. It’s real to you.

So Breathe.

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