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Hope. It’s a powerful word. I’m not sure when I first learned about hope but I know throughout the years this four letter word has changed for me.

We are in different times.

In fact for me, it’s day 77 of social distancing and isolation.

The word hope came into my mind in the first few days of this Covid-19 pandemic.

I was in Montreal with my sister and within 48 hrs the world dramatically changed.

Streets were bare, hotel staff to a minimum, flights cancelled, and toilet paper was gone from every store.

What was happening?! Should I be fearful.

Then I started to think about Hope.

I hope this only for two weeks.

I hope that people are safe.

I hope we can get home.

I hope this isn’t real.

I hope some good will come of this and not fear.

I hope people are kind and compassionate.

I hope we can do this.

As the days turned into weeks my hope changed as well.

Provincial and national protocols were legislated. Travel was stopped, stores and services shut down, gatherings prohibited and lines for groceries were beyond belief.

My hope shifted.

I was filled with great hope in the beginning, to barely hanging on a few weeks ago. To now knowing to never loose hope.

As the world learns to hold space for a new normal, you may have experienced your hope shift.

This is what I reflect on today.

I hope the compassion and kindness that has happened remains.

I hope that rekindled friendships, families, relationships, mentors, neighbours and lovers remain passionately connected.

I hope that new ideas, adventures, businesses, creations and goals continue to bring energy into this next phase.

I hope that even though my business haltered that a renewed sense of purpose comes now and encourages clients to reach out to their support systems. We can do this together.

I hope we choose to see the helpers.

I hope we choose to see what is good and bring light to the dark.

What I have learned through my years of being at the bedside of the dying or supporting grieving families that hope is NEVER gone ... it shifts and changes with every experience and breath.


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