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Your grief and mental health knows no summer vacation.

The warmth of the sun, the blooming of nature, and the carefree atmosphere of summer often paint a picture of joy and relaxation. We keep busy with the family cottage, camping, travelling to see friends and filling the weeks with as many activities as possible.

However, it's important to remember that grief and mental health struggles do not take a holiday, they are not packed up in a box and put on the shelf until September. That may happen in the movies but it certainty does not happen in real life.

In fact, summer can be an opportune time to focus on healing and seeking support. In this blog, we will explore why summer is the best time to work on your grief and mental health, highlighting the benefits of seeking assistance and understanding that these challenges require attention year-round.

  1. Increased Availability of Support: Summer tends to be a season of slower pace and flexible schedules for many individuals. Mental health professionals and support groups often have more availability during this time, making it easier to access their services. Whether you seek therapy, counseling, or participate in support groups, the summertime allows for a more open and accessible environment to address your emotional well-being.

  2. Nature's Healing Power: Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on mental health. Summer provides ample opportunities to engage with the natural world, be it taking walks on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply enjoying picnics in local parks. These activities can serve as a grounding and soothing experience, providing solace and relief from grief-related distress. These activities are in addition to and NOT the only thing to do. Nature is very healing, it's important to also give voice to the thoughts in your head.

  3. Social Support and Community: Summer often brings people together, fostering a sense of community and connection. Engaging in social activities, attending summer events, or participating in local gatherings can create an atmosphere of support and understanding. Local festivals, markets and summer music events all place you with others enjoying the moment thus forgetting the hurt and pain momentarily. Sharing your experiences with trusted friends, family, or support groups can be incredibly therapeutic, as they provide a safe space for expression and empathy. However with gentle caution though, keep in mind they may be experiencing their own grief/struggle as well and may not be able to hold everything you want to share so be mindful who you open up too.

  4. New Perspectives and Renewed Energy: The change of seasons can symbolize new beginnings, offering an opportunity to reflect on your journey and approach grief from a fresh perspective. The longer daylight hours and the vibrant energy of summer can inspire self-reflection, personal growth, and a renewed commitment to mental well-being. This time of the year encourages you to take stock of your emotions, set intentions, and embrace positive changes.

  5. Self-Care and Balance: Summer invites us to engage in self-care activities that nourish our mind, body, and soul. Taking breaks, going on vacations, and practicing mindfulness become more feasible during this time. By prioritizing self-care, you are actively acknowledging and addressing your grief and mental health needs. This intentional focus on self-nurturing can foster resilience and assist in the healing process. However, I can not stress enough that self care is NOT loading your calendar so you are SO busy you don't have time to heal or think about the hard emotions that surface. It's also NOT ice baths, spa days, journalling for days or endless social events. It's being alone with the uncomfortable emotions that come up, noticing the triggers, talking to someone who can help you sift through the mess and figuring out the thing you lost touch with; a passion, a place or part of you to revisit.

While summer may evoke feelings of joy and leisure, it's important to recognize that grief and mental health concerns persist throughout the year. Summertime is not a hall pass. Trust me, you can not shelf you mental health. Everyone would do it then.

Utilizing the unique advantages that summer provides can be transformative for your healing journey. Increased availability of support, nature's healing power, social connections, new perspectives, and a focus on self-care all contribute to a holistic approach to managing grief and mental health.

If you find yourself struggling with grief or mental health issues, I strongly encourage you to seek support through a trained mental health therapist or counselor. They are there to help you. Reach out to visit a website, look at your health benefits or invested in your healing. Look to practitioners that have virtual support so you can receive counselling anywhere.

Take advantage of the more forgiving summer schedule to prioritize your well-being. Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, and there are professionals who are dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need. Together, you can navigate the healing process and emerge stronger, more resilient, and with a renewed sense of hope for the future. I would love to hear from you.

Continue to breathe


this blog is NOT to replace counseling or therapy. These are suggestions and thoughts that may work in your life.

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