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Life could be like a golf game...

The other day I was out golfing with a great set of women and as I got up to the tee my nerves to took over.

I started thinking of the people in front of me, the folks behind me and the ones in the group that I was playing with.

I got in my head and my thoughts took over. That little voice inside started to get louder.

My hands started to shake, I didn’t know if I could focus on the ball.

Was going to make a fool of myself? What happens if I miss the ball?

Then one of the ladies, ( a dear mentor of mine) spoke up and said

“Erin step away from the tee, take a deep breath. It doesn’t matter what is in front of you or behind you. We gotcha you, now hit that friggin ball hard!”

It was all I needed to know that I was supported, that I was seen and no matter how difficult it got, someone had my back.

So why talking about a golf game, well, we all have had a situation where we heard some news and it overwhelms you. A situation, event or interaction that didn't go well.

You are scared, it felt like a gut punch.

Your body starts to react and now you are looking at how other people are responding.

Our mind races and we are wondering about our future then we think about our past.

We freeze in the moment.

Moments could past, hours or even days but then out of nowhere someone speaks up.

It could be a familiar voice or it could be the last person you ever thought that would step forward...but that voice comes to the surface and says...breathe, I gotcha you.

It’s in those moments that you can exhale. The situation or the news that was just told to you has not changed and it's not gonna be easy but someone saw you and is holding space for you.

When you play 18 holes in golf, you soon find out there are many obstacles to navigate, to avoid or other ones you just get yourself smack in the middle of.

Life is not linear, either is a golf course. You are going to have days were the par 3 on hole 11 is absolutely beautiful and other times it took you 10 strokes to just get on the green.

It's funny how it's so similar to life.

So, the next time you are struggling, I encourage you to think about the people who have your back and that person that stepped forward. It's the small gestures that help guide us to the next day. On the flip side, I encourage you to be the voice in the crowd, hold space for someone this week and tell them you have their back.

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