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It Takes a Village...

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

We all have heard the saying,” it takes a village to raise a child” but many of us think it stops with establishing values and morals with our children.

However have you ever thought about this concept throughout one’s life?

I invite you to pause and think about the people in your life for these impactful moments.

*Working and growing a business.

*Diagnosed and living with a chronic illness or life threatening disease.

*Taking care of a loved one who is elderly and or seriously ill.

*Having a baby whether it’s through birth or adoption.

*Going through a life's changes; marriage, divorce, death, job change or loss and or moving cities.

*Returning to school or the workforce.

*Figuring out your next chapter in life.

*…and so many more life moments.

All of us experienced a global pandemic that changed many aspects of our lives. As individuals our friend circles, work environment and family structures shifted and shifted dramatically.

If you look at each one of these life moments; you were surrounded by people and those people either encouraged you or challenged you.

This is your village of support and you can have very different villages in your life.

It takes a village to navigate our way through life. You have critics that leave the group either by choice or by chance. You also have lifers who grow and change as you go through the joys and challenges.

Reflect for a moment, who are the people you want in your life? The beautiful human beings that you want to be with you celebrating all of life's belly laughs to those tearful gut wrenching times. The amazing thing get to choose your village.

I encourage you to look at your villages, LOVE on them hard.

You never will know when you need the village or when the village needs you.

I am SO BLESSED to have incredible, inspiring and badass humans in my life.

You support, love on me and push me to new limits.

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