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Is your life a priority?!

Have you ever travelled and received a priority sticker on your luggage or your boarding pass says priority seating?

You either intentionally paid for a service to be first in line, first boarding a plane or train or guest to receive a product.

Or unintentionally was given an upgrade.

There is something that changes in you when you see that sticker, hear your ticket called or walk into the VIP section. People look, you may walk a little taller or you could feel uncomfortable with all the attention.

Whether it’s travelling, going to a concert or game or receiving a parcel you know it’s an elite status.

There are so many of us watching life from zone 6 expecting to be treated like a VIP however your actions don’t match your desire. Your life is not representing the dream you would like.

Is your life a priority?

Now I invite you to think about this from the perspective of looking at your life right now. The huge majority are pressing the repeat button on life. Each day feels like Groundhog Day, doing the same routine expecting a different result. And occasionally nothing changes until an outside uncontrollable life crisis happens. Illness, accident, unexpected financial upset, diagnosis, career change, death or major life change. It isn't until one of these things happen that we take life seriously to make it a priority.

There is a small part of the population that proudly wears the priority sticker. Not with entitlement but with making every day count. To show up, to respect every moment and minute and to make every second count. They are also are the people that do not waste their time with people or things that do not match their vision.

It's not selfish, it's purpose driven.

I remember sitting with a high status executive business man at his bedside, he was only in his 50's; when in our conversation turned and he looked right at me ...

" Erin, the board members did not show up, nor did the stakeholders, my executive secretary or my assistant, none of them have visited me. Sure, the flowers, cards and fruit baskets were sent to represent their companies but not the person took the time. All these years I made business a priority and lost sight of real connections. Please learn from me, make yourself a priority in life and know when you do, the best moments are those you make a priority and not an excuse."

I truly believe people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Instead of a life crisis reminding us how precious life is, take a few moments to remind yourself who is dear to you, who taught you a lesson and what interaction was so incredible you would like to say thank you.

This holiday season, don't wait for the cards or gatherings to reach out, make it an intentional act to reach out to those who have meaning to you. Keep focused on what is a priority because those are the events and people who deserve our precious time.

Continue to breathe


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