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We all think we have more time.

We think that time is renewable or that we can freeze time.

We can’t. Period.

Ask the person who was just given a prognosis, about time.

Or ask the person who has ALS how they feel about time now.

Waiting for a long awaited surgery date

To, finally being able to see someone in person after months in lockdown.

Time is precious. It’s something we take for granted until we don’t have the time.

How many times in the past few days did you tell someone, I don’t have the time to talk, see them or text them?

It’s more than you think.

Time is a priority. If you can scroll through Facebook, check your Tik Tok or watch Netflix for hours you have made a conscious choice. You choose not to make them a priority.

It takes 2.5 seconds to send a good morning text to a friend, family member or lover.

You had the time, it just wasn’t a priority for you. Let’s be real.

But when that person is gone, you are only left with regret and what if’s. You would do anything for 5 more minutes with them.

So today,, I challenge you to look at time wisely. You only have 1440 minutes in one day.

Where are you going to use those precious minutes...

To call a friend just because.

Check one thing off your to do list.

Book that nagging appt.

Text that person you can’t get off your mind.

Finish that unfinished project.

Clean that room you have been ignoring.

Dance when no one is looking

FaceTime a grandparent, aunt, sister or parent.

or block the afternoon off to be fully present with your person.

Tell someone today how you really feel.

And...make time a priority and not an excuse because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Time is going to pass anyways, what are you going to do with your time?

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Unknown member
Mar 30, 2021

Sound thoughts that I need to follow up on:

"Text that person you can’t get off your mind." "Tell someone today how you really feel."

Time slips by and we get more distant from those that are important to us

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